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Corpus Museum in Oegstgeest

Posted on Saturday, July 19th, 2008 at 11:56 pm CET

Today we visited the new Corpus Museum in Oegstgeest, which opened on 14 March 2008. The museum is housed in an impressive 7-storey building with a statue of a large man sitting on it. Corpus features a 1-hour multimedia tour through a giant body, traveling from the stomach, through the intestines, into the heart, lungs, mouth, eyes and eventually the brain.

Corpus Experience langs de A44
Photo by Rob Van Hilten

We booked our tickets (€16.50 per person) on the the Corpus website for the 13:37 time slot. The museum is situated near the A44 highway and is rather difficult to reach. We arrived at the building at 13:15 and parked our car inside (€5 for first 4 hours parking).

We collected our tickets but quickly found out that they were running a bit late. Guests go through the ‘experience’ in groups of 10 or 15 people and our 13:37 time slot was delayed for about an hour. Apparently there had been some technical difficulties in the morning, so lots of people were hanging around in the reception area.

At 14:30 we could finally go in. We collected our audio guides and stepped onto the long escalator going into the body. The audio guides are fully automatic and are activated each time you enter a room (or rather ‘body cavity’). The 1-hour tour was very nicely done, with lights, large screens with CGI animation, 3D videos and realistic-looking ‘sets’. Several times we had to sit down on a platform that moved up to the next floor level after the presentation was done. Some times we had to put on 3D glasses and other times the chairs moved and shook to add to what we were seeing. It was pretty cool.

The audio tour ended at the top (the brain) and this is where the interactive museum started. After handing in your headset you can walk around freely on the six floors of educational games to learn more about the human body. We spent about an hour in the museum.

We had a great visit. Especially the 1-hour audio guide was impressive. Children under eight are not admitted, so we expected parts to be graphic and ‘gross’, but it was all really nicely presented, from digestion to reproduction to sneezing. The entrance fee of €16.50 is kind of steep considering you only spend about 2 hours there, but considering all the audio and video effects this is actually quite understandable. It would be nice if they made parking free as the building is in the middle of nowhere with lots of vacant land around, so charging €5 on top of the €16.50 is kind of strange.

Unfortunately photography is not allowed inside, but you can find some pictures on Flickr and

Entree Corpus
Photo by Rob Van Hilten



Jul 31, 2008
2:41 pm
#1 Rob van Hilten wrote:

Dear Arthur and Amy,

I am very pleased and proud to see that you have used some of my photo’s to illustrate your blog about your visit to the Corpus Museum!


Rob van Hilten

Feb 16, 2010
4:47 pm
#2 Heather wrote:

Dear Arthur annd Amy,

Did you get to bounce on a rubber tongue and hear a burp?


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