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Driver’s License in 45 minutes for $10

Posted on December 19th 2008 by Arthur in Illinois, Life in America, Personal

Yippee! 😀 I got my Illinois driver’s license today, and it only cost $10. We got to our nearest DMV facility in Deerfield at 8:30 this morning and were the first ones in. They checked my papers at the desk, I paid $10 at the cashier, did the written test, the driving test, took a picture, my license got printed, and we were outside at 9:15!! It only took 45 minutes! More »


Posted on December 18th 2008 by Arthur in Personal, Weather

We drove around with our new car today and went up to an outlet mall just over the border in Wisconsin. We each bought some nice shoes at the Columbia store there. 🙂

We had lots of little icicles on our car this morning:

Car Icicles

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Our Toyota Sienna

Posted on December 17th 2008 by Arthur in Personal

We bought a car yesterday. It’s a 2002 Toyota Sienna minivan and we picked it up this afternoon. We wanted to drive around a bit today, but a snow storm forced us to come home. Here are some pictures before the snow really started coming down.

Toyota Sienna 1

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Dolphin Stampede

Posted on December 17th 2008 by Arthur in Videos

Whoa, check out all the dolphins in this video. These dolphins are herding a school of fish and are about to have a big feast:

PlayOn is Fully Awesome

Posted on December 16th 2008 by Arthur in Websites & Tools

My favorite software of the year is definitely PlayOn by MediaMall. This tool allows you to stream online videos (from a limited number of websites) from your computer to your TV. We’re using it with our Playstation 3 and it works brilliantly!! We can now watch all the shows and movies from Netflix, Hulu, CBS, YouTube and CNN in full-screen on our TV.

Since we signed up with Netflix we’ve been having some problems with playing Netflix through PlayOn due to the new Silverlight player that Netflix is using. PlayOn is still in beta, so there are some bugs here and there. I’ve been in contact with the support desk of PlayOn, exchanged dozens of emails, and they have been really helpful in working out all the bugs. Netflix has finally been working the last few days, so we now have instant access on our TV to the 900 different TV series on Hulu as well as the 12,000 DVD titles on Netflix.

Talk about fully awesome!

Chicago, five years ago today

Posted on December 14th 2008 by Arthur in Chicago, Travel

Five years ago today, on 14 December 2003, we were in Chicago with my parents! It was a cold winter day. We got up early and took a Metra train from Lake Forest to Union Station. We went up Sears Tower and had a nice view of the city, we had hot chocolate and donut holes at Dunkin’ Donuts, we walked to the Magnificent Mile, took a trolley to Navy Pier and visited the Christkindlmarket on Daley Plaza. Here are some photos of that day five years ago:

At Navy Pier with John Hancock building in the background

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Snow, snow, snow

Posted on December 6th 2008 by Arthur in Illinois, Life in America, Weather

Just a few weeks ago it was still unseasonably hot here in northern Illinois, but the last week it has been freezing cold with lots of snow. I can’t remember ever experiencing such low temperatures. More »

Beautiful Pictures from The Big Picture

Posted on December 6th 2008 by Arthur in Photos, Websites & Tools

One of my favorite blogs in my Google Reader is The Big Picture from the Boston Globe. Each post features a series of incredible photos from recent news stories. Here are some of my favorite features from the last few months. Click each photo to go to the post for more. More »

We’re in People magazine

Posted on December 6th 2008 by Arthur in Personal, Shopping & Stuff

Well, not us personally, but our dog bowl is. The issue of People magazine that hit newsstands today (cover date December 15th) has a two-page spread starting on page 124 about Barack Obama collectibles titled Obamarama. One of the 10 things shown is our Poodles for Obama Dog Bowl from our democratic CafePress store Leftique. There’s a picture of our design with the text “A Dutch expat who couldn’t vote cocreated a dish to show support – 25 breeds available”. That Dutch expat they’re talking about is me! 🙂

Pages 124 and 125 of People magazine

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