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How popular is your name?

Posted on Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 at 3:46 pm CET

I came across this fun site called Poke My Name the other day. You can enter any name and see how popular it is in the United States. During my entire school career, even when I was in grade school classes of just 12 total students, there was always at least one other Amy in my class. And I never knew anyone named Arthur until I turned 26. So I was very surprised to find that Amy is less popular a name than Arthur!

Arthur is the 48th most popular name, while Amy is the 120th most popular name. There are more Earls than Amys. Arthurs are increasing by 14,487 people every year, OMG!

Poke My Name lists other facts about whichever name you poke, and shows the name in Braille, Sign Language, Morse Code, Marine Flags and as a barcode.

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