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Organic Arby

Posted on Monday, January 19th, 2009 at 7:42 pm CET

Arby is 14 years old and today, for the first time ever, he went inside a paper bag. He went in for about 30 seconds first, much too short for us to grab a photo. But a few minutes later, he went back inside and even laid down in it for a couple of minutes!

Arby in a bag

Arby and Alex both always seemed to be afraid of paper or plastic bags and they acted like they hated the crinkly sound they make. I know a lot of cats are attracted to these noises as so many popular cat toys feature a crinkly sound or crunchy texture.

Arby in a bag

It was a Whole Foods bag. Our cute little Organic Arby.

Arby in a bag

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