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Topps Barack Obama Trading Cards

Posted on Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 at 7:21 pm CET

Barack Obama is one electable collectible President. You can buy anything with his face on it, from Obama sneakers and skate boards to action figures and dog bowls. Ty Inc has even released two new Sasha and Malia beanie babies this week!

At Target (in the comics section) I came across President Obama trading cards from Topps that I hadn’t seen before. Obama is already a comic book hero in the latest Spider-Man issue, so trading cards were to be expected. Each packet sells for $1.99 and contains six trading cards and one sticker. There are a total of 90 different cards and 18 stickers. The cards contain educational, in-depth information about the President and his family, quotes, key moments from the campaign and profiles of Cabinet members.

Here are pictures of the pack I bought:

Topps President Obama Trading Cards

Front of 7 Topps Barack Obama cards

Backs of 7 Topps Barack Obama Trading Cards


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