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Frying pan foul-up

Posted on Saturday, March 7th, 2009 at 3:56 pm CET

We used to like to make fries at home. In Holland we had a very nice large black pot with a wire fry basket insert and a glass lid. It was perfect to use for stove-top frying, and we loved it. So why the heck didn’t we bring it with us?! Because it was big, bulky, and breakable, and we thought it would be easily replaced. Ha!

We looked for frying pans with baskets at all our local shops (Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sears, Walmart, Target, etc) but they only sell electric fryers. So I had a look online. Plenty of shops sell minuscule pots of 4 quarts or less. I figured we need at least 7 quarts, but even bigger would be better (I guess our beloved old one was 9 or 10). I found one restaurant specialty shop that sold baskets and fryers separately at reasonable prices, but shipping was crazy (about the same price as the implements themselves). Then I found out that Farberware makes a 7Q fryer with a basket, and that I could purchase it from with reasonable shipping costs. Yay! I placed my order.

7Q Fryer

The package arrived about a week later, and it seemed a bit small. I opened the box to find a Farberware package for a 4Q fryer inside. No problem, mistakes happen, so I sent it back. I got a kind email from Target customer service apologizing for the error. They sent out a replacement right away, before they even received the 4Q back.

The UPS man dropped off the replacement yesterday. We’re having fries tonight! I thought. Inside the box was a Farberware pot with fry basket, placed loosely among bags of air. A 4Q pot. Aargh!

I called Target this time, and unbelievably I was advised to return the pot and take my refund. The agent was kind of vague, saying she was “afraid the same thing would happen again” if I requested another replacement. Well, I really want that mythical 7Q pan so I went through the replacement procedure online via a second time.

To my extreme disappointment, I received this email from today.

I’m really sorry your replacement order #(number removed) didn’t work out either. I guess there’s a bigger problem with this item than we thought.

Because of the trouble, we won’t be able to send another replacement. Please return the incorrect item at our expense and we’d be happy to issue a full refund.

What is this, they make two strikes and I’m out?! I can’t believe the solution from is to not send me what I’ve ordered. The product is even still listed on the website for sale!

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