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Beautiful Pictures from The Big Picture

Posted on December 6th 2008 by Arthur in Photos, Websites & Tools

One of my favorite blogs in my Google Reader is The Big Picture from the Boston Globe. Each post features a series of incredible photos from recent news stories. Here are some of my favorite features from the last few months. Click each photo to go to the post for more. More »

Photos of our trip to Egypt

Posted on October 18th 2007 by Arthur in Personal, Photos, Travel

From 6 to 16 October we visited South Sinai and stayed at Amar Sina Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh. We dived and snorkeled with Colona Divers and visited Ras Mohamed NP, Nabeq NP and St. Catherine’s Monastery.

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Pictures of my first total lunar eclipse

Posted on March 4th 2007 by Arthur in Photos, Science & technology, Space

There was a total lunar eclipse tonight. From 10:30pm the shadow of the earth slowly moved over the Moon and from 11:44pm to 12:58am the eclipse was complete and the moon was a beautiful bright red from the Sun’s rays going through the Earth’s atmosphere. Actually, at 11:43pm, just one minute before the total eclipse, a huge cloud came in front of the moon here in Leiden and it started raining and hailing. It didn’t move until just ten minutes before the end of the eclipse, so we were really lucky to see it at all. I had a chance to try out my new Canon 400D. I know these photos are not really great, but it’s the first time I took pictures of the moon, so I’m pretty happy with it. More »

Photos of our trip to The Gambiaexternal link

Posted on January 20th 2007 by Arthur in Personal, Photos, Travel

From 5 to 15 January 2007 we were in The Gambia where we did a five-day birdwatching safari upriver to Georgetown and saw 177 different species of birds. I have just published a new travel photo album with 51 photos of this trip. More »

Updated photo album: 2006 yearbook

Posted on October 7th 2006 by Arthur in Personal, Photos

I have just updated our photo album and created the 2006 yearbook with photos of what we’ve done so far this year. More »

Five random photos

Posted on March 9th 2006 by Arthur in Personal, Photos, Travel

Here are five random travel photos that we have taken over the last few years. They are from Greece, Italy, Egypt, Tunisia and the United States. More »