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The two types of soda bottle cap rings

Posted on Sunday, January 22nd, 2006 at 4:58 pm CET

Speaking of soda bottles, I have never understood why there are some plastic soda bottles (especially here in Europe; I have never seen them in the U.S.) that have caps with rings that do not come off. The half-stuck rings are sharp, always in the way and they are just plain annoying. Check out these comparison pictures.

Below left is a Dutch Coca-Cola bottle (of 1.5L) with a bad ring that is attached to the cap. On the right is a U.S. Minute Maid Pink Lemonade bottle (20oz) where the ring stays perfectly around the neck of the bottle, loose from the cap:

Dutch Coca-cola bottle (1.5L) with a bad cap ring U.S. Minute Maid Pink Lemonade (20oz) bottle with a good cap ring

Sure, the left Coca-Cola bottle is a reusable PET bottle, so maybe that is why the ring doesn’t stay around the neck of the bottle? But why doesn’t it come off of the cap … or at least make it easier to pull it off of the cap? The sharp open ring is always in the way when you open or close the bottle, and it is impossible to pull it off easily.

It isn’t just Coca-Cola that has these bad cap rings, I’ve seen it on lots of other soda bottles, and also in other places in Europe. Does someone know why they do this? Or if someone from the Coca-Cola company reads this they could do something about it .. please. 😉


May 25, 2015
11:29 pm
#1 John wrote:

hi sir, do you have an idea on what type of plastic used to in manufacturing plastic CAP os coca cola 1.5L?

Jul 1, 2015
5:25 pm
#2 Anja wrote:

The plastic from the caps is different than the bottle itself, if you make it hard to separate the two it will become harder to recycle/clean for statiegeld, where they will put a new cap on. Hope this helps.

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