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Leiden-only Rembrandt money coming soon

Posted on Thursday, February 9th, 2006 at 4:31 pm CET

A series of special Rembrandt coins will be available to the public starting February 15. The coins will be issued in Leiden and can be used as legal tender at participating stores and restaurants in the Leiden area.

Images of the new Rembrandt coins

There will be three different coins issued: the 2Rembrandt, the 1Rembrandt, and the 1/2Rembrandt, with values of €2, €1, and €0.50 respectively. The first coin will be issued next week; the others will be issued in April and May.

The 2Rembrandt will feature the image of the young artist and the Morspoort of Leiden. The 1R coin will show the artist with the town’s Zijlpoort, while the 50 cent version will feature the Academiegebouw. All three coins were designed by Joaquin Jimenez.

Beginning at the end of February, exclusive sets including Dutch and English text will also be available for collectors.

The coins may be used as legal tender at shops and restaurants in the Leiden area which bear a window sticker with the text “Wij accepteren de Rembrandt” (we accept the Rembrandt). The currency will be considered legal tender until the end of October 2006.

Betalen met Rembrandtgeld
Photos from Muntpost


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From where can i buy these Rembrandt coins?

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