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Back to our diving roots

Posted on Friday, June 9th, 2006 at 7:05 pm CET

Today we had a practice dive in the Oostvoornse Meer, here in the Netherlands. It is the same place where we finished our PADI Open Water course last year. We hadn’t dived since Hurghada in September 2005, except for Nemo 33 in Brussels two weeks ago.

Oostvoornse Meer is located just south of the port of Rotterdam. We dived at the location Baardmannetje, which is at the far west-side of the lake. The water here is brackish, as there is an opening to the sea. Back in December a dolphin stranded here.

We hadn’t been here since our last two dives with Tibia diving school in July 2005, when we finished our PADI Open Water course. Just as that day it was a beautiful day today, around 26°C. The water was 14°C at the surface and 11°C at the deepest we went, which was 14 meter. We got geared up, entered the water and swam to the 6-meter buoy. There we descended and swam due east toward the track of tires. The visibility was 3 to 5 meters, which was better than when we dived with Tibia — then the viz was only 1 to 3 meters. We followed the tires south to the underwater house, which we couldn’t find, and then back again. On the way back we saw the ‘Titanic’, a small metal boat wreck, and a small signpost with distances to far-off diving locations (see photo below).

Diving at Oostvoornse Meer
In the top-right you can see the 6-meter buoy where we descended

Diving at Oostvoornse Meer
Amy putting on her mask

Diving at Oostvoornse Meer
This is Arthur. The visibility was only 3 to 5 meters, so we had to stay very close together to not loose eachother.

Diving at Oostvoornse Meer
This is the ANWB paddestoel with distances to diving sites, like Great Barrier Reef and the Red Sea

Diving at Oostvoornse Meer
Just out of the water after the dive

Diving at Oostvoornse Meer
We had lunch by the car as the wet suits dried on the car

Diving at Oostvoornse Meer
A view of Oostvoornse Meer from the dock


Dec 8, 2006
2:13 pm
#1 Albert Roetman wrote:

Hi Athur & Amy,

I am not a diver but the reason I mail you is that I am interested in the number which is on the top of the ANWB Mushroom signpost who is located near the ‘Baardmannetje’ in the ‘Oostvoornse Meer’ .
The resolution of the photo on the ‘’ is to low to see the number.

Thanks in forward for your reply,

Dec 8, 2006
8:43 pm
#2 Arthur wrote:

Hi Albert, I checked our photo of the ANWB paddestoel, but unfortunately there are some plants on top of the mushroom that make the number impossible to read. Here is what I can make out “Aangeboden door Steen en ???n Sho? aan Willi???? Houten – 0????? – ANWB / VARA”. So the number starts with a 0, and the next number looks like a 1, but I am not sure.

Dec 10, 2006
1:08 am
#3 Alber Roetman wrote:

Hi Arthur,

Is it possible that you sent me by email all the photo’s of that mushroom in maximum resolution?


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