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Re: Hidden security tags in Old Navy jeans

Posted on Wednesday, February 28th, 2007 at 8:17 pm CET

A year ago I wrote about the security tag I found in my Old Navy Jeans that was setting off alarms in other stores. The square tag with the text “remove before washing or wearing” was hidden in an unusual place inside the jeans and sewn into fabric where I hadn’t noticed it before. I argued that Old Navy should tell customers about these RFID tags or simply move them to a place where you can see them. The post has brought forward some interesting comments of angry customers versus angry Old Navy employees.

Clearly I’m the only one who was setting off alarms at other stores. Someone commented:

They should inform their buyers, this is not a normal tag and not something you are prepared for. I set off alarms EVERYWHERE I went with these jeans on and finally it was a Target security officer that asked if I had bought them at Old Navy, Banana Republic, or the Gap, and he informed me of the hidden tag. The tag was deep on the inside below the right pants pocket and I didn’t even pay attention to it as it was yet another tag.

This was exactly my view when I posted about this. The problem is its location; it isn’t in the usual place with the other tags — instead it is further down and behind a pocket. I don’t think it is common to look there.

This view is not shared by everyone. One Old Navy employee wrote:

You are actually stupid, because there is huge lettering on the tag that says “remove before wearing or washing” and there is also a line that says “cut here” with a picture of scissors next to it”….i think that’s guidance enough for me…unless you are too frickin STUPID to cut a tag out of some pants…honestly…who needs directions to cut a tag out of some pants.

As I and others wrote it’s not about the tag itself or that the writing on it is unclear or that it is difficult to cut it off. It’s all about the position. It would solve a lot of problems if the manufacturer moved the tag up to the waistline where all the other tags are, and make it more conspicuous by for instance making it red.



Jan 6, 2008
4:06 am
#1 Spoffy2 wrote:

I just found the same tag you’ve been talking about. I’ve been dealing with store alarms going off for almost 2 months and I even thought it was my cellphone. I’ve been frustrated to no end. I can’t believe that any normal person would be expected to look inside where the inseam meets the seat of the pants for something like a security tag without being told. I was shocked when I found mine and I’m so glad I read your article about this. I was expecting a somewhat bulkier tag, somewhere obvious. I can’t believe that the store clerks don’t mention this. I think the Old Navy clerk who replied to you in absolutely out of line.

Dec 17, 2008
7:33 am
#2 mjwnes12 wrote:

Replying to Spoffy2’s remark, we as ON employess are not out of line. If you would like to know where these tags are turn your clothes inside out and they stick out clearly, as they look differently than any other tag. They are thick and are made of a different material. Nothing we do will ever be right. That is something that anyone who works in customer care related fields knows. If we were to cut them out, that would take too long, and people woudl complain about waiting in line. If we were not to cut them out, you would never bother to think to look at the main inner seam of your clothes for a 2 inch square inch tag that is the same security device that electronics have. And thirdly, if we were to post a sign stating that these tags were in these places in your clothes, then there would be so much more theft than there is now. With more theft, comes higher prices. That would mean that you would have to spend a few bucks more for your clearence jeans. If stupid thieves can find them, I think the day to day customer can as well. They are easy to find.

Feb 26, 2008
6:52 am
#3 owen wrote:

yeah….i know this sounds bad but could i say that my pants are setting off a tag when im actually stealing stuff?

that would be useful

Feb 28, 2008
11:29 pm
#4 Cristina wrote:

I’ve worked at Old Navy for almost two years now. And after having to deactivate tons of clothing I can tell you the company has done a better job at putting them in plain site. I used to forget about the tags in some of my clothes, but now a lot of them are making it hard for you to not notice them. Plus, it’s the big ticket items like pants and jackets that have the tags in them. We try to let our customers know about the tags should they set off an alarm.

I do understand the frustration of some of the employees on your blog. We have a lot to deal with when being at the cashrap. We can’t please everyone.

Mar 19, 2008
11:10 pm
#5 Brendan wrote:

I regularly buy stuff at Old Navy and I’ve never had my stuff go off at other stores. Even so, washing machines should damage the tags.

Dec 7, 2008
1:11 am
#6 casey wrote:

How do these things work anyway??
why would they put them in their clothes in the first place??
wouldn’t it ring when you leave the old navy store after buying it??
i don’t get how this little tag prevents people from stealing things from their store.
someone please explain this to me please.

Dec 7, 2008
6:26 am
#7 Arthur wrote:

@casey: yes, the alarm would go off if you’d leave the store with an activated tag. The tag contains an electronic chip that sets off the alarm. This usually gets deactivated by the clerk when you buy your clothes, but if you leave the tag on it could get reactivated again, for instance from going through the wash/dryer.

Dec 7, 2008
11:52 pm
#8 casey wrote:

Oh okay. but how do they deactivate it?
i never see the cashiers do anything special??
and by scanning the bar code i doubt deactivates it.
thats why im confused. 😕

Dec 8, 2008
11:52 pm
#9 Arthur wrote:

@casey: you can’t deactivate it. You just need to cut out the tag that has the chip and throw the tag away. The tag looks like the one in the picture above.

Jun 2, 2009
4:07 pm
#10 mackenzie wrote:

it is so interesting that i just found this when not even twenty minutes ago i slipped on a pair of old navy jeans. they were itching me like crazy so i took them off and realized the tag. i’ve had these jeans for about a year and have not noticed it before. they really do need to work on finding a better place for it. i have actually set off and alarm at walmart while wearing them as well.

Dec 22, 2009
12:07 pm
#11 heather wrote:

i just wrote to old navy after my child got a rash/ burn on her leg from this tag. this is the first time i have shopped at old navy so i did not know about the tag. please please write old navy and complain they will not fix it if they do not know there is a problem!!!! please write them

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