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Posted on Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 at 8:59 pm CET

The Euro 2008 football (soccer) championships begin next week in Austria and Switzerland. Dutch grocery chain Albert Heijn is trying to duplicate the huge success of their Wuppie campaign of two years ago with a new cute character to collect – the Welpie. Welpies are cute little wild-haired lions meant to show support for the Dutch team. Welp is Dutch for baby lion.

We got our first Welpie on Monday and today I picked up another.

Our Welpies
Our Welpies

If you collect three Welpies, you can turn in the ends of their tails for a Mega Welpie or a Welpie Cap. According to, there are 700,000 Mega Welpies and 200,000 Welpie caps. Today our local AH appeared to be out of caps and nearly out of Mega Welpies.

Two years ago the Wuppie campaign was a huge success, with Dutch soccer fans coveting them so much that they sold for up to four times their original price on eBay and some were even stolen from cars. There is another article about Wuppie-mania here. I wonder if the Welpie campaign will be as successful?

Here’s the television ad:

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