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Arrested Development cancelled again

Posted on November 13th 2005 by Arthur in Pop culture, Television

Fox has made a huge mistake. This week the extremely hilarious sitcom Arrested Development was sadly cancelled again, and FOX has reduced the episodes for this third and final season to 13. Sign the online petition at to save Arrested Development! More »

UAL cancels AMS to ORD service

Posted on November 11th 2005 by Arthur in News, Travel

Last week we received United Airlines’ newsletter with the wonderful news that they have added extra flights from Europe to Chicago, namely from Zurich and Munich. What they don’t tell you in this happy press release is that they scrapped Amsterdam from the list. We bought two tickets earlier this year for December, and now our flight’s been cancelled and we have a stop in Washington DC. More »

Family weekend in Drenthe

Posted on November 7th 2005 by Arthur in Personal

Last weekend we had our annual family weekend at De Huttenheugte Center Parcs in the province of Drenthe. Here is a photo of the whole group I took on Sunday. More »

London airports

Posted on November 3rd 2005 by Arthur in Travel

Every time I fly out of one of the London airports (Luton, Gatwick or Heathrow) I am flabbergasted by the disorganization of it all. It’s like every person working there is on their first day and doesn’t know what they’re doing. Even the passengers are standing around in confusion, gaping at the blurry old monitors waiting for their gate to be announced. More »

Brilliant bar concept at Footsie in Paris

Posted on October 23rd 2005 by Arthur in Travel

A cafe near the Opera metro station in Paris named Footsie (a play on words on FTSE, the London stock exchange) has screens above their bar with the prices of their drinks. The clever thing about this place is that the screen refreshes every four minutes, and the prices go up and down, depending on demand. Customers at the bar are gazing at the screens looking for bargains. More »

Halloween 2005 at Disneyland Paris

Posted on October 19th 2005 by Arthur in Disney, Pop culture

Last weekend we went to Disneyland Paris. It was the third time we went there in October during the Halloween period, but it seems that every year the Halloween decorations get more elaborate. The returning theme is that the park has been taken over by ‘pumpkin men’ that want to paint everything orange. This year these orange men had ‘built’ a huge contruction attached to Big Thunder Mountain. Check out the photos More »

Fast food is bad food at Disneyland Paris

Posted on October 17th 2005 by Arthur in Disney, Food, Pop culture

At Disneyland Paris there is a counter service restaurant on Main Street that is called “Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant”. The building and interior design is beautiful, but there isn’t much ‘home style’ about the cooking. It serves the same factory-sealed salads and pre-made hamburgers and simple hot dogs as all the other counter service restaurant in the park! Even the French (!) bread is rubbery and dry. Why is it that after 13 years Disney still can’t get the food right at their European theme park? More »