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Refreshed and redesigned DCW

Posted on August 30th 2006 by Arthur in Comic Books, Disney, Personal, Websites & Tools

These last weeks I have been working on my site Disney Comics Worldwide (which I’ve had since 1995). DCW is a popular website with information on Disney comics and magazines from around the world. I’ve completely updated the design and user interface and added new functionality here and there. I’ve optimised the source code by moving from a table-based design to CSS-based DIV boxes that are positioned relatively on the page. More »

Update on our free-range cats

Posted on August 17th 2006 by Amy in Personal

Earlier this month we decided to try changing our two-square-meals-a-day (plus snacks) cats into free-range eaters. Alex had a small setback last week when she gorged herself and then barfed everything up. Other than that incident things are going smoothly and Arby and Alex seem to understand that they can eat whenever they want to. More »

Feeding Frenzy

Posted on August 8th 2006 by Amy in Personal

Our cats, Arby and Alex, have been driving us completely crazy the last few months with their obsession with food. They have been meowing hours before dinner time and begging for food all throughout the day. Trying to sleep in on the weekends has been disastrous; one or the other cat starts jumping around our bed at 5am or earlier, pestering us to get up and feed them. Finally this week we decided we’ve had it and started an experiment to get them to be ‘free eaters.’ More »

Back to our diving roots

Posted on June 9th 2006 by Arthur in Life in Holland, Personal, Scuba Diving

Today we had a practice dive in the Oostvoornse Meer, here in the Netherlands. It is the same place where we finished our PADI Open Water course last year. We hadn’t dived since Hurghada in September 2005, except for Nemo 33 in Brussels two weeks ago. More »

Scuba in Europe’s largest swimming pool

Posted on May 31st 2006 by Amy in Personal, Scuba Diving, Travel

Last weekend we visited NEMO 33, a swimming pool in Brussels with a maximum depth of 33 meters. The pool holds 2,500,000 liters of clear water and is a great place to practice skills or just have a relaxing dive. More »

Driving around Noord Holland on Easter Monday

Posted on April 18th 2006 by Arthur in Life in Holland, Nature, Personal

Yesterday we drove around Noord Holland and visited some nature preserves along the North Sea coastline, here in the Netherlands. It was a beautifully sunny day. More »

Holi 2006 in Jaipur, India

Posted on March 31st 2006 by Arthur in Personal, Travel

Two weeks ago we were in Jaipur, India, during Holi, India’s festival of color that marks the beginning of spring. The day before we had attended the wonderful Elephant Festival and we had already bought a few bags of color from a street vendor, so on the morning of 14 March we headed into the city, each armed with bags of colored powder in our pockets. Ready for our first Holi.

Holi colors

More »

Travel photos of Rajasthan, India

Posted on March 26th 2006 by Arthur in Personal, Travel

We have just published a new page in our travel photo album of our trip around Rajasthan, India, from 3 to 22 March 2006. We saw the Taj Mahal in Agra, bicycled around Keoladeo NP at Bharapthur, saw tigers at Ranthambore NP, played Holi in Jaipur and saw many forts and palaces. More »

Five random photos

Posted on March 9th 2006 by Arthur in Personal, Photos, Travel

Here are five random travel photos that we have taken over the last few years. They are from Greece, Italy, Egypt, Tunisia and the United States. More »

Flu shot, schmoo shot

Posted on February 8th 2006 by Amy in Personal

I was so proud of myself for getting a flu shot last December. Well guess what? I’m sick. More »