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New Dutch RFID passport easy to crack

Posted on January 31st 2006 by Arthur in Life in Holland, News, Science & technology

The Netherlands government is introducing a new passport in August 2006 with an embedded RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip that contains digital information about the holder, such as name, birthday, fingerprint and pass photo. However, a company from Delft demonstrated on Friday on the TV show nieuwslicht how easy it is to read (or destroy) the biometric data on the chip from a distance of around 10 meters. More »

Computers monitor bus drivers for sleepiness

Posted on January 28th 2006 by Arthur in Life in Holland, News, Science & technology

This week a Dutch bus touring company in Noordwijk confirmed that it is testing an automated system that observes drivers with small cameras and sensitive sensors for signs that may indicate that the driver is nodding off. The new system is intended to reduce the number of accidents caused by bus drivers falling asleep. More »

The Best of 2005

Posted on December 19th 2005 by Arthur in Pop culture, Science & technology

This is the time of year when magazines and websites publish ‘Best of 2005 …’ lists. Here is a list of some of the best news stories, books, movies, music, and gadgets of 2005. More »

Driverless robot buses crash, Part 2

Posted on December 17th 2005 by Arthur in Life in Holland, News, Science & technology

The crash between two driverless robot buses in Rotterdam on Tuesday 6 December was caused by a human error, reports Connexxion. More »

Driverless robot buses crash

Posted on December 6th 2005 by Arthur in Life in Holland, News, Science & technology

Two driverless shuttle-buses crashed in Rotterdam this morning causing a lot of damage. No passengers were inside at the time of the accident. More »

Interview with a robot

Posted on November 30th 2005 by Arthur in Science & technology

I recently sat down with Encarta Instant Answers, a new Artificial Intelligence robot from Microsoft that works through MSN Messenger. I asked it about what it’s like to answer millions of questions of thousands of strangers. More »

The new space race

Posted on November 23rd 2005 by Arthur in Science & technology, Space

While NASA engineers are still struggling with the cracks in the shuttle fuel tank, the agency announced their new spaceship and a plan to return to the moon by the end of the next decade. Meanwhile, more and more countries and private firms are developing their own space exploration plans. More »