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Problems with

Posted on October 6th 2006 by Arthur in Personal, Shopping & Stuff, Websites & Tools

In the last year I’ve had quite a few problems with Luckily I am not using their services anymore for quite a while, but I am still waiting to receive a refund, and they refuse to answer my emails. More »

Did you know there is beef in Pop-Tarts, M&M’s and Mentos?

Posted on September 15th 2006 by Arthur in Food, Nature, Shopping & Stuff

I didn’t realize this, but many food products like Pop-Tarts, M&M’s, Cupcakes, Snicker bars, etc. have beef or pork gelatin in them. More »

Food products they should sell in Holland

Posted on September 3rd 2006 by Arthur in Food, Life in Holland, Shopping & Stuff

The average supermarket in the Netherlands is the smallest in Europe, and the selection of food and drink here at grocery stores is also very limited compared to stores in Germany, France, UK, USA and even Belgium. Here is a list of several food products that I like to bring back when shopping abroad — stuff that they really should sell here in Holland. More »

Quechua’s toss-and-go “Seconds” tents

Posted on July 9th 2006 by Amy in Shopping & Stuff, Travel

We like to camp over weekends in the summer, but the hassle of setting up a small tent for a short getaway can make a short camping trip less enjoyable. When we first saw the 2-Second tent by Quechua at Decathlon, a sporting-goods store, we had to try it. Now we have the 3-Second Air tent and we love it. Here is a short review of both. More »

Shopping for dates

Posted on June 28th 2006 by Amy in Life in Holland, News, Shopping & Stuff

The Almere-Buiten branch of the Dutch supermarket “Plus” has introduced special shopping baskets for single customers. Shoppers who use a purple shopping basket are indicating to other shoppers that they are available. More »

Having clothes made in India

Posted on April 25th 2006 by Amy in Shopping & Stuff, Travel

Tailors and fabric shops were abundant in the towns we visited on our recent trip to India. In Agra and Jaipur we took the opportunity to have some traditional Indian clothes made. More »

Great service from Kensington

Posted on April 20th 2006 by Arthur in Shopping & Stuff

I bought a Gel Mouse Rest from Kensington some time ago. As advertised the “non-reflective mousing surface” would ensure “optimum mouse performance”, but my experience was that the surface of the pad was too slick, allowing the mouse cursor on my screen to constantly slip away. More »

Independent vs. chain restaurants in Holland

Posted on March 8th 2006 by Arthur in Food, Life in Holland, Shopping & Stuff

The first Subway in Holland opened in Eindhoven on 4 March 2000, and since then another 31 Subways have opened across the country. The sandwich company’s goal is to have 210 stores in this country by 2010, almost as many as the current 225 McDonald’s that we have here. More »

Belgians profit from new Dutch Coca-Cola bottles

Posted on February 28th 2006 by Arthur in Life in Holland, News, Shopping & Stuff

Since Coca-Cola introduced new types of bottles in the Netherlands they are now the same as those in Belgium. However, the Coca-Cola Company bottles here have a deposit of €0.25, but that is not the case in Belgium. Since the introduction Belgians have been crossing the border en masse to turn in their non-deposit bottles at supermarkets for €0.25 each. More »

Disney breaks up with eBay

Posted on February 25th 2006 by Arthur in Disney, Shopping & Stuff, Websites & Tools

After several years Disney has stopped offering their merchandise on eBay and has started their own auctions site. This move will enable Disney do more brand cross-promotions, as well as cross-link to other Disney websites. More »