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ABC’s free online television big successexternal link

Posted on June 20th 2006 by Arthur in Disney, Pop culture, Television, Websites & Tools

Unsurprisingly, Disney announced today that it’s free online broadcasts of ABC shows, including Desperate Housewives and Lost, were a big hit. The shows were watched more than 11 million times online in the first month of the test, and an online exit survey showed that 87 percent of respondents could recall the advertisers that sponsored the episodes they watched. A retooled version of the free site, with more shows and features, will be launched in the fall. Unfortunately the free site is only available to Internet users in the United States, but there are easy ways around this.

Disney breaks up with eBay

Posted on February 25th 2006 by Arthur in Disney, Shopping & Stuff, Websites & Tools

After several years Disney has stopped offering their merchandise on eBay and has started their own auctions site. This move will enable Disney do more brand cross-promotions, as well as cross-link to other Disney websites. More »

Uproar at closed gates of HK Disneyland

Posted on February 2nd 2006 by Arthur in Disney, News, Pop culture

When Hong Kong Disneyland was filled to capacity by 11:30am today, an angry mob of parents tried to force their way into the park after the gates were closed. Furious crowds pushed and grabbed on to fences. Some lifted their children over the fences into the park and others climbed over themselves. More »

It is final: Disney buys Pixar

Posted on January 25th 2006 by Arthur in Disney, Leiden, Movies, News, Pop culture

After a lot of rumours it is now official that Disney acquires Pixar for $7.4 billion. I think this is a great deal for both companies. I was disappointed a few years ago when Michael Eisner let go of Disney’s contract with Pixar, but now it looks like Disney will continue to distribute Pixar’s films as it has for the last 12 years. More »

Pre-opening Mount Everest at Animal Kingdom

Posted on January 18th 2006 by Arthur in Disney, Pop culture

This week the new Mount Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida pre-opens for cast members. Disney also launched a new website for the attraction: More »

Halloween 2005 at Disneyland Paris

Posted on October 19th 2005 by Arthur in Disney, Pop culture

Last weekend we went to Disneyland Paris. It was the third time we went there in October during the Halloween period, but it seems that every year the Halloween decorations get more elaborate. The returning theme is that the park has been taken over by ‘pumpkin men’ that want to paint everything orange. This year these orange men had ‘built’ a huge contruction attached to Big Thunder Mountain. Check out the photos More »

Fast food is bad food at Disneyland Paris

Posted on October 17th 2005 by Arthur in Disney, Food, Pop culture

At Disneyland Paris there is a counter service restaurant on Main Street that is called “Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant”. The building and interior design is beautiful, but there isn’t much ‘home style’ about the cooking. It serves the same factory-sealed salads and pre-made hamburgers and simple hot dogs as all the other counter service restaurant in the park! Even the French (!) bread is rubbery and dry. Why is it that after 13 years Disney still can’t get the food right at their European theme park? More »