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International euphemisms for traveller’s gastrointestinal disorders

Posted on January 18th 2007 by Arthur in Travel

Many countries have a euphemism for common traveller’s gastrointestinal disorders, like diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea and bloating. For instance, in India they say Delhi Belly, and in Egypt they use the phrase Pharaoh’s Revenge. Here is a list of international terms. More »

Happy New Year

Posted on January 1st 2007 by Arthur in Personal, Travel

It is now one minute into 2007 — Happy New Year everyone! Earlier tonight I completed our 2006 yearbook. We traveled to many great places in 2006: we saw tigers in India, dived in the Keys, canoed in Brittany and had tapas in Madrid. I’m looking forward to a great 2007. More »

Top 10 things to do in South Florida and the Keys

Posted on December 11th 2006 by Arthur in Nature, Top Lists, Travel

Here are 10 great things you can do on your holiday in South Florida:

  1. Take a bike ride at Everglades NP Shark Valley
  2. Canoe down Buttonwood Canal at Flamingo
  3. Dive or snorkel the coral reefs off Key Largo
  4. Drive down the Overseas Highway
  5. Walk around Key West
  6. Visit Bahia Honda State Park
  7. Look for Key Deer at Long Pine Key
  8. Feed the Tarpons (or Pelicans) at Robbie’s on Islamorada
  9. Visit Hemingway House on Key West
  10. Hike the trails in Everglades NP

More »

The leaning towers of Madrid

Posted on September 3rd 2006 by Arthur in Travel

We were in Madrid last weekend and saw the Puerta de Europa (‘Gateway to Europe’) towers, the world’s first leaning high-rise buildings. They were built in 1996 and designed by the American architects Philip Johnson and John Burgee. Each building is 115 m tall, or 26 stories, with an inclination of 15º, or more than twice that of the ‘leaning’ (pfft) tower of Pisa. More »

The Temple of Debod in Madrid, one of four Egyptian temples outside Egypt

Posted on September 2nd 2006 by Arthur in Travel

What do Madrid, Turin, Leiden and New York have in common? All four cities have a complete Egyptian temple! Back in 1960 when the Great Dam of Aswan threatened to cover Lower Nubia and all its ancient Egyptian temples under Lake Nasser, UNESCO made an international call to save the many historical sites, among which the massive rock temples of Abu Simbel, that were between 1964 and 1968 moved 200 meters away from the river. As a thank you present, the Egyptian state gave away four of the Nubian temples. More »

Quechua’s toss-and-go “Seconds” tents

Posted on July 9th 2006 by Amy in Shopping & Stuff, Travel

We like to camp over weekends in the summer, but the hassle of setting up a small tent for a short getaway can make a short camping trip less enjoyable. When we first saw the 2-Second tent by Quechua at Decathlon, a sporting-goods store, we had to try it. Now we have the 3-Second Air tent and we love it. Here is a short review of both. More »

World Cup Aftermath = Mass Exodus

Posted on June 27th 2006 by Amy in Life in Holland, News, Pop culture, Travel

One of the headlines in today’s paper read “Exodus na WK-Verlies” (Exodus after World Cup Loss). Since Holland’s loss to Portugal Sunday night, Dutch soccer fans (almost everyone) can forget about following the World Cup and finally move on to more important things: VACATION! More »

Report of our short road trip in France: Guérande, Carnac, Amorique, Deauville

Posted on June 7th 2006 by Arthur in Nature, Travel

Last weekend we drove down to Brittany in France and visited some nice places; we canoed in Brière nature park, saw prehistoric megaliths in Carnac, walked along the coast in Amorique nature park, and visited the medieval town of Guérande. Here is a short report of our road trip, along with some photos. More »

Scuba in Europe’s largest swimming pool

Posted on May 31st 2006 by Amy in Personal, Scuba Diving, Travel

Last weekend we visited NEMO 33, a swimming pool in Brussels with a maximum depth of 33 meters. The pool holds 2,500,000 liters of clear water and is a great place to practice skills or just have a relaxing dive. More »

Our visit to Delhi, India

Posted on May 30th 2006 by Amy in Travel

On our tour of Rajasthan in March we spent a short time in Delhi, the captial of India. We visited the largest mosque of India, the Gandhi Memorial Museum, and the National Museum. More »