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Leiden tourist info via cellphone

Posted on February 9th 2006 by Amy in Leiden, Life in Holland, Science & technology, Travel

Tourists in Leiden will soon be able to use their cellphones as a city guide. Using the network of Wireless Leiden, visitors will be able to hear tourist tips while out on the town, in their own language. Information on restaurants, shops and cafes will also be available. More »

Leiden-only Rembrandt money coming soon

Posted on February 9th 2006 by Amy in Leiden, Life in Holland, Travel

A series of special Rembrandt coins will be available to the public starting February 15. The coins will be issued in Leiden and can be used as legal tender at participating stores and restaurants in the Leiden area. More »

Travel book praises small Leiden museum

Posted on February 9th 2006 by Amy in Leiden, Life in Holland, Travel

American travel book publisher Let’s Go has named Molenmuseum De Valk in Leiden, the Netherlands, as a unique travel destination with outstanding service. More »

Top 10 things to do in Tunisia

Posted on February 2nd 2006 by Arthur in Top Lists, Travel

In April 2004 we visited Tunisia where we made a road trip through the country’s desserts, salt lakes, rolling hills and beautiful country-side. Here is my top 10 things to do in Tunisia. More »

Happy Groundhog Day

Posted on February 2nd 2006 by Arthur in Illinois, Pop culture, Travel

Today is Groundhog Day, and this reminds me of our visit to Woodstock IL in December, where the movie Groundhog Day was filmed. There are events today in Punxsutawney PA and Woodstock IL for the event. More »

Nationaal Park Zuid Kennemerland

Posted on January 29th 2006 by Arthur in Life in Holland, Nature, Travel

On this cold but beautifully sunny day we visited the closest national park to our home: Nationaal Park Zuid Kennemerland. The 3800 hectares (~ 1500 acres) park was opened in 1995 and is one of 20 National Parks in the Netherlands. The park runs for 7 to 8 km along the North Sea coast and consists of dunes, beach, forest and historical estates. More »

Top 10 Funny Dutch Place Names

Posted on January 27th 2006 by Arthur in Life in Holland, Top Lists, Travel

There are over 7,000 different towns in the Netherlands and some of them have very funny names. Here are some of my favorite ones (in random order). More »

Rickshaw drivers guide at India bird sanctuaryexternal link

Posted on January 23rd 2006 by Arthur in Nature, Travel

Over 300 species of birds can be found in the Keoladeo Ghana National Park in Bharatpur, India. As no motorized transport is allowed in the park, tourists who don’t wish to walk or cycle themselves can opt for a cycle rickshaw. More »

Top 10 budget things to do in Chicago

Posted on January 10th 2006 by Arthur in Chicago, Illinois, Top Lists, Travel

Here is a list of 10 cheap things that you can do on your visit to the Windy City. From walking along Michigan Avenue and seeing the lake from Navy Pier, Chicago is a great city. Here is my list of top free (or cheap) things to do in and around Chicago:

  1. Stained Glass Museum, Navy Pier
  2. Millennium Park
  3. Field Museum of Natural History
  4. Eli’s Cheesecake World
  5. Magnificent Mile
  6. Museum of Science and Industry
  7. Illinois Beach State Park (Zion)
  8. Shedd Aquarium
  9. Chicago Botanic Garden (Glencoe)
  10. The Spindle (Berwyn)

More »

Of cheesecakes and car-kabobs

Posted on January 4th 2006 by Arthur in Chicago, Illinois, Travel

Today we had a drive around the Chicagoland area and had two interesting stops: we saw the spindle of cars in Berwyn, and toured the Eli’s Cheesecake World factory. More »