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King’s Quest IX is saved

Posted on December 11th 2005 by Arthur in Pop culture

My favorite computer games of all time were the Space Quest and King’s Quest adventures from Sierra On-line. Back in 1983 King’s Quest I: Quest for the Crown was the first animated adventure game ever. The character was moved around the 16-color environment with the arrow keys, and everything else in the game was controlled by use of a text parser (e.g. “Pick up apple”). At the time these graphics were amazing; it may not seem like a big deal now, but seeing the blocky Sir Graham move behind a tree or a big boulder was many person’s first true 3D experience. The eighth and final King’s Quest game game out in 1998 — but this week Vivendi Universal Games announced that they will allow the work on the unofficial King’s Quest IX to continue!! More »

More TV on the Internet

Posted on December 6th 2005 by Arthur in Pop culture, Television

Apple today expanded their selection of TV shows on their iTunes Music Store. ABC’s Lost and Desperate Housewives have been available since October, but today new and old shows from NBC, Sci-Fi and USA were added. Also this week CNN started online television with their new CNN Pipeline service, with four commercial-free live feeds for $2.95 per month.
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Beware pirates!

Posted on November 28th 2005 by Arthur in News, Pop culture

It’s well over two months after Talk Like A Pirate Day, but pirates are a hot topic at the moment. While Disney has been working all week to keep spoilers of their two Pirate sequels off the web, the set of Pirates of the Carribean (see the brand-new Dead Man’s Chest trailer!) has been visited by real pirates. The production has come to a halt after four robberies in which $20,000 worth of cash and equipment were taken from the set, and two cast members were “forced to flee for their lives”. More »

NOVA National Film Festival 2005

Posted on November 27th 2005 by Arthur in Life in Holland, Pop culture

My brother, film-maker Patrick de Wolf, has won a bronze medal and the special award of film-maker with a promising future for his 12-minute short Tarot at the Netherlands NOVA National Film Festival 2005 for amateurs this weekend. More »

Lucas talks about the changing movie businessexternal link

Posted on November 25th 2005 by Arthur in Pop culture, Television

George Lucas talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the end of DVD’s and the future of pay-per-view.

Confusing news ticker on Fox News

Posted on November 14th 2005 by Arthur in Pop culture, Television

Since recently we get the American Fox News on our Casema digital television receiver here in the Netherlands, and I have noticed that they don’t seem to understand how the news ticker along the bottom of their screen should work. They put their Fox News logo at the end of every sentence, even if the same story continues in the next sentence. More »

Arrested Development cancelled again

Posted on November 13th 2005 by Arthur in Pop culture, Television

Fox has made a huge mistake. This week the extremely hilarious sitcom Arrested Development was sadly cancelled again, and FOX has reduced the episodes for this third and final season to 13. Sign the online petition at to save Arrested Development! More »

Halloween 2005 at Disneyland Paris

Posted on October 19th 2005 by Arthur in Disney, Pop culture

Last weekend we went to Disneyland Paris. It was the third time we went there in October during the Halloween period, but it seems that every year the Halloween decorations get more elaborate. The returning theme is that the park has been taken over by ‘pumpkin men’ that want to paint everything orange. This year these orange men had ‘built’ a huge contruction attached to Big Thunder Mountain. Check out the photos More »

Fast food is bad food at Disneyland Paris

Posted on October 17th 2005 by Arthur in Disney, Food, Pop culture

At Disneyland Paris there is a counter service restaurant on Main Street that is called “Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant”. The building and interior design is beautiful, but there isn’t much ‘home style’ about the cooking. It serves the same factory-sealed salads and pre-made hamburgers and simple hot dogs as all the other counter service restaurant in the park! Even the French (!) bread is rubbery and dry. Why is it that after 13 years Disney still can’t get the food right at their European theme park? More »